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Account/Project Managers

ETSI’s account managers will serve as your primary point of contact and are readily available in person, by phone, or via email. They will coordinate your development team and work with you to:

  • Keep your project on time and on budget.
  • Facilitate a smooth development process through all project phases, including medical/regulatory/legal review.
  • Maintain regular communication to ensure that your goals are being met or exceeded.

Instructional Designers

ETSI works with clients to analyze training needs, identify performance outcomes, determine teaching strategies, and provide assessment tools. Through curriculum planning, ETSI provides a full range of customized resources to meet your specific needs. Our instructional designers work closely with our in-house team to ensure that principles of adult learning and sound instructional design are the foundation of every product we develop.

Medical Consultants

Our relationships with the top medical, nursing, and pharmacy schools in the US have helped us forge a national network of MDs, PhDs, PharmDs, and nurse practitioners; this network covers a full range of advanced theoretical and applied sciences including, medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and drug development. These experts provide our 15 full-time medical writers with the most recent clinical and research data, as well as information on how products are used in clinical practice.

Medical Writers

With advanced degrees in a wide range of specialty areas, our 15 in-house medical writers turn the medical consultant’s raw content into educationally sound teaching material. Medical writers work closely with other members of the project team (illustrators, layout, QC, etc.) to ensure quality and consistency throughout all learning materials.

Medical Illustrators

ETSI’s medical illustrators work with our staff of medical writers to create instructionally sound and scientifically accurate medical illustrations and graphics that complement and expand on related text, providing visual representations of training concepts that engage learners and enhance their training experience.

Layout Specialists

ETSI’s layout specialists bring together the work of medical writers and illustrators, first formatting text for readability and consistency, and then combining text and graphics to create attractive, effective educational materials.

Quality Control Editors

ETSI has full-time, dedicated quality control (QC) editors who provide a rigorous review of all projects every step along the way to ensure clarity and readability and that there are no typos, grammar issues, or program bugs. Because we consider this process to be so critical to project success, quality control reviews are built into every schedule for every product we produce.


We develop our eLearning through a strategic alliance with Skye Multimedia in Bridgewater, NJ. Skye was formed in 1995 and has developed hundreds of training applications for many of today’s Fortune 500 companies. With Skye we have developed numerous eLearning programs for our customers for more than 10 years. Skye programmers have expertise working with current development tools and software, including HTML5 and iBook Author. We also have extensive experience incorporating training materials into LMS platforms.