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Self-instruction – Modules

Modules cover a variety of topics and are designed for the acquisition and retention of knowledge. Content is layered for an easy transition from simple to complex topics. Key instructional design features enable the reader to easily comprehend the core knowledge of any curriculum.

These features include:

  • Key concepts/objectives
  • Up-front glossary
  • Call-out boxes
  • Visually stimulating illustrations
  • Fast track
  • Concise summaries
  • Review questions
  • Self-assessment post-test

Modules also can include the digital features listed below to enhance the learning experience and expand the selling perspective; options exist for custom designs and LMS integration.

  • Animations
  • Interactive games and exercises
  • Audio and video
  • Virtual mentor
  • Case studies
  • Hyperlinked table of contents
  • Highlight, search, bookmark, and notes functions
  • Pop-up glossary with optional pronunciation