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Career Opportunities

ETSI is a leader in education and training for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.
We employ a strong team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to exceeding our clients’
expectations. We are looking for individuals with enthusiasm, imagination, and a personal commitment
to excellence to join the ETSI team. If you are interested in exploring a career at ETSI, please check the
available job opportunities.

Available Positions:


Medical Science Writer/Editor

ETSI is seeking to fill a Medical Science Writer/Editor position.  Preferred applicants should have solid background (Ph.D.) in biological sciences or clinical medicine, strong command of English language, excellent writing skills, and technical editing expertise.   Experience in instructional design and in workshop development is very desirable.  Positions involve planning, editing, reviewing, and writing health sciences/pharmaceutical sales training materials for audiences with limited science background.

For all positions, cover letters and resumes should be sent to